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    The Travel Service airline company is primarily engaged, in addition to regular air transportation under the SmartWings brand, in operating charter flights (Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America). Travel Service is a major player in the market of charter air transportation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.



    Fly all over Europe smartly, safely, quickly, reliably and for favourable prices Until now air transport has been considered to be something extraordinary, luxurious and expensive in the Czech Republic. The new SmartWings service, introduced by Travel Service at the beginning of 2004, opens up air transport to the broad general public.



    In June 2007, the Travel Service portfolio of services expanded to include operation of private flights – Business Jet category air taxis, in addition to regular and charter flights. A modern jet plane, a Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign model that regularly transports 9 passengers, is available to you 24 hours a day.



SmartWings offers new regular flights from Prague to Hurghada, operated five times a week and Marsa Alam, operated six times a week and from Brno and Ostrava, operated twice a week. Air tickets can be bought in travel agencies and on the website

SmartWings will start a new regular line from Prague to Moscow from March 29th. Flight will be operated to the Sheremetevo airport by a Boeing 737–800 aircraft. Tickets can be bought at and in all IATA travel agencies.

SmartWings offers new flights from Slovakia for a Summer 2015 season. These flights are from Bratislava to Bourgas, Rhodos, and Heraklion operated four times per week, to Palma Mallorca, to Olbia and to Tel Aviv, operated two times per week.

In addition, there are aslo fligts from Košice to Bourgas, operated four times per week and to Rhodos operated once per week.

Flights an be bought at an in all IATA travel agencies.

Travel Service a.s.

Travel Service is currently the biggest Czech airline company. Since its founding in 1997 it has experienced a huge expansion and currently is present on market not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, France and Canary Islands. Travel Service operates charter flights, regular flights under the SmartWings brand (since 2004) and private business jet (since 2007). Travel Service planes are flying to more than 300 airports on 4 continents.

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