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Travel Service is the biggest Czech airline company. Travel Service operates regular flights under the Smartwings brand, charter flights and private flights in the Business Jet category. Travel Service planes are flying to more than 400 airports on 4 continents. Travel Service is present on market not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, where the company has its subsidiary companies.

Travel Service airline company operates under the Smartwings brand regular flights, charter flights and private flights in the business jet category.

SmartWings – regular lines

SmartWings - regular flights Travel Service

SmartWings, Travel Service’s brand for regular flights, offers throughout the whole year regular flights to dozens of popular destinations and resorts not just in Europe. We offer:

  • attractive destinations
  • reasonable prices,
  • flights to major airports
  • checked-in baggage up to 15 kg + cabin baggage up to 8 kg are included in the price of the flight ticket

Every summer season Smartwings regularly comes with the extended range of new attractive destinations and with increased number of flights to most of its destinations.

You can buy your flight ticket at this webpage: www.smartwings.com, or you can use our booking centre, or you can buy your ticket at travel agency or at our counter located at the Prague’s airport.

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Charter flights

Charter flights Travel Service

Travel Service is leader of the charter market in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and it also has a significant position on the market in Poland.

Travel Service is transporting with its charter flights not only clients of the travel agencies, but the flights are also regularly ordered by renowned international companies, as well as by the world, humanitarian and sports organizations. During the summer flight schedule modern aircrafts of Travel Service head to dozens of destinations mainly in the Mediterranean, and during the winter flight schedule Travel Service operates charter flights to many exotic destinations.

Travel Service also provides air transportation for a truly unique vacation product: “The Journey Around the World”.

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