Business jet

A modern jet airplane Cessna model 680 Citation Sovereign for carrying by air up to 9 passengers in standard configuration will be available to you 24 hours a day. The equipment of airplane Cessna model 680 Citation Sovereign includes a comfortable passenger salon to include a minibar, lavatory, satellite telephone, in-flight entertainment system and airshow.

We fly for you as you need according to your time schedule.

In addition to the scheduled and charter flights, the portfolio of services of Travel Service company was extended in June 2007 to include the operation of private flights, a Business Jet Air Taxi.

Flexibility, Privacy, Efficiency

Business Jet Travel Service

You will be carried by us directly to your destination without any time-consuming and exhausting transfer. By the airplane you will be carried safely, without transfers and delays, even to those destinations where the access of traditional airlines is not always granted. An ultimate access to final destination and efficient management of time will be ensured for the clients by this procedure. Taking decision on co-passengers embarking aboard and carried with you is upon your discretion, guarantee of full privacy aboard is obvious. Distinctive destinations of our operation include the regions in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Taking decision on co-passengers carried with you aboard is upon your discretion

Business Jet Travel Service

No need to wait for your airplane, it waits for you. The Business Jet Air Taxi service is used by those, who prefer savings through independence, speed and privacy instead of using traditional scheduled flights. An expe­rienced flight coordinator of the company Travel Service, having an utmost responsiveness and flexibility, responds to special requirements of client to ensure that your flight is safe and smooth. A guarantee of full privacy aboard is obvious. The check-in at the airports proceeds separately. The client will be present for check-in just before the agreed flight. Completing customs formalities fast shall be obvious.

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